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Lars Kristian
Posted on: June 23rd, 2009, 21:33:46 Quote Report to Moderator
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Location: Oslo
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Gelleråsen - Karlskoga last weekend. FIA app k race.

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Lars Kristian
Posted on: June 30th, 2009, 11:50:24 Quote Report to Moderator
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Location: Oslo
Posts: 58
Hi, i would like to have your opinion on some matters concering what is right or not for FIA historic racing. As some of you know, i'm doing FIA racing in a Mk3 MM in the Nordics from time to time.

I know several of you will experience increase in value from a peice of paper from FIA for your race-MM. I'm still trying to get the HTP from FIA, but its not easy. They still got hungups on some details.

Can some of you with knowlegde on FIA HTP for MM please come up with some info for me.

The following issues has haunted me:
Periode classification:
They claim its an TSRC (two seat race car) in periode GR.
I applied for GTS and ccm 14 (GTS14), and periode G1 (66-69).
If TRSC is the final, we must race together with sportscars such as Tigas etc.
GTP or GTS would have been ok with me.

Further on. They dont think that 12'' wheels were used in the periode (my argument is that BMC Cooper S (homologation nr 5028 ) has pictures of 12'' steel + magnesium rims from -69. There is a picture here


that shows MM's on 12''. It has to be an international race to prove it to FIA.

Sorry to bother you with this, but i know that this paper will affect the value on our racecars, and the posibillity to compete in several countries.

FIA Historic racing is big business, and growing.

All answers are welcome!

Best regards
Lars in Norway

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