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  Author    New EU proposals for 'Roadworthiness Testing'  (currently 1,163 views)
Posted on: August 23rd, 2012, 19:48:20 Quote Report to Moderator
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This has just been published on the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC) website. Will be interesting to see how they might apply some of this to historic kit cars...


In July, the European Commission published a proposal to replace the current Roadworthiness Testing Directive (2009/40/EC) with a completely new Directive. The draft of the new Directive has implications for all motorists, not just historic vehicle owners. Amongst other things, the draft includes requirements to test all trailers (which in turn implies a registration system) and requires tests to make reference to a vehicle's original 'technical characteristics'. The meaning of this expression is not defined. National governments are granted the right to make their own testing arrangements for 'vehicles of historic interest'.

A vehicle of historic interest is then defined as one that
- Was manufactured more than 30 years ago
- Is maintained by use of replacement parts which reproduce the historic components of the vehicle
- Has not sustained any change in the technical characteristics of its main components such as engine, brakes, steering or suspension; and
- Has not been changed in its appearance.

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Posted on: September 9th, 2012, 21:24:52 Quote Report to Moderator
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I quote the MSA on this proposal, and ask you all to sign the petition in the link at the bottom.

"There has been much discussion recently among the motor sport community
regarding an EC proposal that could potentially lead to MOT-style tests for
trailers and make non-standard vehicle modifications illegal if realised.
The proposals are detailed in an EC document on 'periodic roadworthiness
tests for motor vehicles and their trailers'. The full document can be viewed
by clicking here: http://ec.europa.eu/transport/doc/roadworthiness-package/com%282012%29380.pdf
The MSA has been in contact with the Department for Transport (DfT) regarding
this issue. A number of other governing bodies have raised similar concerns
and the DfT as a result asked all interested parties to complete a survey on the
proposals. It is anticipated that this will assist the department in formulating a
UK response to these proposals, which the MSA has objected to in the strongest
possible terms.
Given the potentially catastrophic impact of these proposals on the sport, it
would be helpful for members to write to their local MP specifically on this
subject and lodge their objections to the doument.
In addition an online petition has been launched independently of the MSA which
can be found by clicking here: http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/37784 "

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Posted on: September 28th, 2012, 18:48:15 Quote Report to Moderator
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Some clarifications about these intended changes was posted on an EU blog 10th Sept :

Title : Press reports on EC proposals on MOT tests are incorrect

September 10, 2012 Press reports on EC proposals on MOT tests are incorrect

Reports in the press that the European Commission has proposed to make modifications to cars illegal, or to ban classic cars unless they are unchanged since manufacture are entirely wrong.

The Commission’s proposals would not, if agreed by the Member States and the European Parliament, make any difference to the current situation regarding MOT testing in the UK except to make most classic cars more than 30 years old exempt from testing if they are not used day-to-day on the roads.

All other cars would remain subject to roadworthiness testing, just as they are now. Whether or not they have been modified is not of itself relevant: what counts is whether they are safe and that is what is assessed by MOT tests in the UK and by the equivalent tests elsewhere.

What the proposals will do is require all Member States to bring their road worthiness tests up to a certain level of rigour, already applied in the UK : for example, motorbikes will need to be tested regularly everywhere, as they are already in the UK. This will make driving safer for UK drivers at home and abroad.

Link : http://blogs.ec.europa.eu/ECintheUK/press-reports-on-ec-proposals-on-mot-tests-are-incorrect/

The Commission is writing separately to all the newspapers concerned, none of which checked the facts with us before publication.
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