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Graham Bichard
Posted on: August 6th, 2015, 19:45:10 Quote Report to Moderator
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I saw this book in Octane a while ago now and thought it might be a good read, so when I found it in a discount bookshop a few weeks ago I thought it might be a good holiday read - 'And the revs keep rising' by Mel Nichols.

For anyone who isn't familiar, Mel Nichols used to write for Car magazine back in the day, this book being a collection of his articles from this (and other earlier) period of his career.

Now I am a child of the 70s, and the first car magazine I was ever bought was an issue of Car (from around 1978 I think, with a feature on the Vauxhall Chevette HSE. †Its probably still at my mothers somewhere) but some of the stories of Nichol's European jaunts in Ferraris/Lambos/Maseratis during this time really make me jealous of being a bit too young to experience this period in motoring.

Reading his exploits the journeys do seem to be an adventure. †An example being the recounting of a journey from the factory in Italy back to the UK in a Lamborghini Silhouette in 1978, where he describes the thrill of travelling extended periods at 110mph in this consummate Grand Tourer.

These days my diesel estate manages this type of cruising at those types of speed in a supremely comfortable, safe manner while returning in excess of 40mpg while taking me and my family down to Southern Germany, but without the sense of adventure which comes across in his writings.

Perhaps this is why I enjoy using the mini for my 110 miles round trip commute to work at least once a week - something a little out of the ordinary and adventurous (even if only a little bit). †And the type of excitement I hope my 60s design Mini-GT will be when its finished (I've long ago devised the outline plan for my European tour. †You're all welcome to come along - just don't hold your breath for a start date!).

Another thing which surprised me is the cost of these cars. †I was told a few years ago the value of money halves every twenty years (give or take, to keep things simple). †A T** Taimar Turbo costing £9000 in 1977 should cost around £36000 today. †A Maserati Bora for £12000 (1975) should equate to about £60k these days. †With the new Maserati GranTurismo starting at £83000 before options something doesn't quite add up!

(Perhaps this is why I've just cancelled my subscription to Evo magazine after 15 years. †The writings still good, the photography excellent but the cars are now just so far removed from what I'll ever manage to own)

Anyway, this book cost me £3 - well worth the cost and thoroughly recommended as a holiday read.
Any other motor related book anyone can recommend?

ETA - ISBN 978 0 85733 270 7

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Posted on: August 6th, 2015, 21:57:06 Quote Report to Moderator
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I grew up reading car magazine articles written by Mel Nichols. He's a Tasmanian by birth and was deputy editor of Wheels magazine in 1970 and 71 and then editor of Sports Car World from 1972 to 1973 before moving to the UK where his career flourished. Car has had a stream of Aussie editors and writers over the years

Steve (MM 7056) Downunder

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