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Cars of the Month 2015

This page lists the photos featured on the home page during 2015. (Slideshow)

MM Mk.3 Japan January: We believe this Mini Marcos Mk.III was restored by “Marcos Freak” in Japan but we have no further details. If you can read Japanese you'll find a lot more at
MM 6023 February: Elio Cocciarelli’s Mk.I Mini marcos no. 6023 in Germany.
MM 6011 March: No apologies for another Mk.I. This is Alain Jaquart’s Mini Marcos no. 6011 at Montlhèry in 2013.
MJ 1168 April: Jonathan Stevenson’s Mini Jem Mk.2, RS M2 1168
Ivan Classics May: We think this is Ivan Classics’s D & H Mini Marcos Mk.IV in Spain.
MM 7057 June: Geoff Dunlop’s Mini Marcos Mk.III no. 7057, one of two imported into Australia. It is seen here by Syd Crawford at Wakefield Park, New South Wales.
Raubenheimer MM July: Peter Struthers’s Raubenheimer Mini Marcos Mk.III in South Africa
Kingfisher Sprint August: Mick Tompsett’s Kingfisher Sprint, DAS 721
919 PYB September: We celebrate the 50th birthday of the Mini Marcos with a shot of factory demonstrator 919 PYB, thought to be 6061.
DH 8295 October: Hans Joachim Lenzen’s Mini Marcos Mk.IV, no. DH 8295 seen at the 2015 Euregio Meeting at Beekbergen (NL).
OAD 480M November: Grant Wilson’s Mk.III Mini Marcos OAD 480M at the Mini Action Day, Castle Combe, 26th September 2015. (R. Porter)
CAW 43415 December: We found this one featured in Wikipedia, but we had come across it before. It’s Anthony Roff’s superbly restored Raubenheimer Mini Marcos Mk. III in George, South Africa. Note the fibreglass door window frames.

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