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Cars of the Month 2018

This page lists the photos featured on the home page during 2018. Slideshow

7137 January: Emil Larsson’s Mini Marcos Mk. III no. 7137 in Sweden (E. Larsson)
Cosworth February: Kazuo Maruyama’s Mini Marcos Mk. IV which is powered by a transverse Ford 105E Cosworth engine.
MR MS F 1003 March: We know very little about this Mk.2 Mini Jem which was seen in Belgium. The chassis number MR MS F 1003 would appear to belong to a Mk. III car.
7184 April: Hervé Barrière’s Mini Marcos Mk. III, no. 7184 in France.
8263 May: Ludovic Cecilon’s Mini Marcos Mk. IV, no. DH8263 in France.
8378 June: Philip-Alexis Kaplan’s Mini Marcos Mk. IV, no. DH8378 in Belgium.
jap2 July: We don't know much about this Mk.III Mini Marcos which was seen on a web site in Japan.
RS M2 1092 August: Nicolas Roy’s Mini Jem Mk.2, RS M2 1092. He completed the restoration just in time to drive his newly wedded wife away from their wedding in. Many congratulation on both counts!
ST 07050 September: Ralf Arndt’s Mini Marcos Mk. 1 returns to the road after a two year restoration.
8090 October: Marcos Ltd. Mk.IV no 8090 seen a few years ago in France. It was previously registered in the UK as WHT 972T.
Massimo Pucci November: Massimo Pucci, Mini Marcos Mk.IV, competing in the Italian Endurance Championship at Misano on 21-10-2018. (Marcos Mini fb page).
7532 December: Mini Marcos Mk.III no 7532 previously owned by Ian Guest but seen on ebay in October.

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