Costin Sports Roadster

front rear
cockpit side

A far cry from the "Ugly Duckling" Marcos, this is the last project that Frank Costin worked on before his death. Chris Holloway's Costin was seen at the European Kit Car Show at Detling on 2nd April 2005.

The car was jointly designed by Frank Costin, Bill Barranco of I.A.D at the time and Simon Garrett. It was due for launch in 1993, but a combination of Frank falling ill, and strangely the Yen/Stirling crisis put it on hold. It uses Vauxhall Chevette front stubs and rack, and Metro front stubs on the rear bolted to a de Dion tube, all bolted to a lightweight spaceframe chassis. The engine is K Series.

The car pictured is the prototype GRP car. One other shell and the moulds are now owned by Joe Tavani who kindly supplied the information above. Simon Garrett still has another prototype with an aluminium body and Mini power unit nicknamed "the dustbin". (Photos © 2005 R. Porter)


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