Probe 15

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Designed by the Dennis and Peter Adams who were responsible for the Marcos GT and Coupé cars, the Probe must be one of the lowest enclosed cars ever made. The Coventry-Climax derived Hillman Imp power plant is used. Probe 15 is seen here at the Peterborough kit car show in 1990.

See the article from Austro Classic which includes photos of the same car and several others. There's also a still from Stanley Kubrick's film, A Clockwork Orange in which a Probe was used. The text is in German.

Concept Centaur

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The Concept Centaur was based on the Probe but the upper section and doors are somewhat different. This example in need of some restoration was seen on the Imp Club stand at the Knebworth Park Classic Motor Show in August 2004.

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(Photos: R. Porter)


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