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MMOC Link Request

To request a link on any of our links pages please complete the form below.

Links Policy

We are happy to provide links to other sites which are likely to be of specific interest to MMOC members and potential members. A return link would be appreciated where this is possible.

We will also provide links to other relevant sites and general motoring sites on a reciprocal basis with no strings attached. We are not, however, prepared to participate in affiliate schemes or to accept conditions which would impose constraints on the design and layout of this site.

Unless you need to reference specific information on this site, please point return links to "".

Our links pages are checked from time to time and links will be removed if they are consistently broken or if the linked sites no longer have relevant content. We would appreciate notification of any broken links discovered by visitors to the site.

Sponsored Links

We are pleased to have paid-for text links on the home page. The sponsor is able to specify the link text and URL used. Please contact the webmaster if you are interested in this service.

We reserve the right to decline links to inappropriate sites. All link requests will be verified so there is no point in spamming this form.

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