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Spring 1997

Covers: D.A.R.T Prototype, Club display at Stoneleigh.
Regalia: new MMOC Rally Jacket.
Jem Talk: Open Rear Screen Conversion from HPM.
A Year in the Life of Granny Smith by Pete Crudgington.
European Motoring Directives by Roger Garland.
Mini Marcos Mk. IV Build Sheet.
Interesting Developments Part Two: Dizzy Addicott's D.A.R.T.
The Rise and Rest of a Dutch Mini Marcos Part Three by Erik Wijn.
Members' Cars: Alto Duo Q250 GFV, owner: Geoffrey King (colour photo)

Summer 1997

Covers: Mark Goonan's Mini Marcos Mk. IV, THL 560S; Club display at Stoneleigh.
First magazine edited by Mike Plevey.
Minutes of AGM at Stoneleigh
Historical Torque: Launch of a Kit Car Legend - press reports and ad.
Status 365 photo.
Rise and Rest of a Dutch Mini Marcos Part 4 by Erik Wijn.
Members' Cars: Mini Jem Mk. 3, NWW 415E, owner: Allan Scott.
Why on Earth did I buy a Mini Marcos?! by Iain Farquharson.
Wild Thing: Mike Shilvock's Radically Altered Mini Marcos (colour photo).
Mini Marcos on European Circuits by Roalnd Stoffel
Racing Torque - Robert Maes and Conway Vincent
A Touch of Blarney - IMM Report by Ian Hayward
Creation of an Additional Register; Mini Based Kit Cars and Specials.
Technical Torque: Unleaded Fuel.
30th Anniversary Mini Jem Rally: details
In colour: Mk. V Mini Marcoses at Stafford: GAR 777T, TJI 8779

Autumn 1997

Covers: 1967 Le Mans car in Bulawayo; LM600 at Le Mans.
Mini Marcos - One Man's Perspective by Roger Garland
Insider Trading: Mini Marcos Mk. IV KFO 956, owner: Anthony Parker.
Advertisement: Thoroughbred Covers Ltd.
Members Cars - Mini Profiles: Mini Marcos Mk. III DR-18-72, owner: Richard Aerdts (Netherlands) (w. colour photo); Mini Marcos Mk. III, owner: Oliver Forde (Eire).
Frustration & Controversy in Equal Measure: LM600 at Donington Park (colour photo).
Rover Group press release: new Mini.
Ian Hall, Mini Jem Mk. 2 (colour photos).
DVLA: Review of Procedures for the Registration of Rebuilt and Radically Altered Vehicles.
Yet More DIY Roll Cage Developments by Del and Linda John (colour photos).
Dash It All (Again) by Phil Arthey - new dashboard for MM Mk. IV.
Creation of the Additional Register by Geoff King: list of Mini Alternatives in the club.
The Mini TiCi by Mike Plevey
Lady Luck deserts Marcos at Le Mans (news release).

Winter 1997/8

Covers: Mini Marcos Headlight, St. Marcos.
Activity in the Netherlands by Erik Wijn.
Torque About Kingfishers by Roger Garland (w. colour photos).
Photo: Wayne Reddyhough's Jem undergoes repairs at the IMM.
DVLA: letter about Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN).
The Dean Robertson Secrets? - Engine Tuning for Sprints and Hillclimbs (w. colour photos).
Show Reviews: Castle Combe Action Days, Mini 38 at Gaydon.
Christmas Logs: Chairman's Report by Ian Hayward.
Insider Trading? - Toy Shop and the FRA Mini.
Discounts: Auto Interiors, Liverpool.
Historical Torque: D & H Data Sheet, specification for a one litre car, Mini-Marcos Mk.4 Price List/Order Form.

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