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Spring 1998

Covers: Mini Marcos DYD 661J 7056, FLY Marcos LM 600 slot racer.
Lead-free Alternatives Update by Steve Waldenburg.
Will There Be Life After SORN? by Hugh Rynell.
RAC Motorsport Update.
Roly Poly Marcos by Tristan Salmon (DH 8285, DMT 208V).
Members Cars: Mini Marcos Mk. IV 8057, XBD 483S, owner: Nigel Pitt
Members Cars: Mini Marcos Mk. IV DH 8221, XRV 742, owner: Andy Timmins
Streamliner: David Pounder's Mini Marcos Mk. III (from Mini Magazine).
Biota - Mini Based Oddity by Geoff King and Mike Plevey.
Getting Covered: insurance options.
Club Register - Can You Help? by Laurie Stevens: Mini Marcos Mk. I/II list.
Classic Mags: MMOC Newsletter No. 1 reprint.

Summer 1998

Covers: Robert Maes with Mini Marcos LUP 310J and trophies; John Lawes's Mini Jem OLY 485L at Loseley Park.
Maes Marcos Goes a Racing: cover story.
Jem Talk: How They Are Found by John Lawes.
Speedometers by Geoffrey King: adapting a Sigma Sport Baseline 500 electronic cycle speedometer.
Brake Balance Modification by Dominic Webb.
Members Cars: Mini Marcos Mk. IV Q262 YUJ, owners: Dave and Tim Evans (w. colour photos).
The 1966 World Cup and All That by Brian Gent.
Car Insurance - A Minefield or Peace of Mind? by Roger Garland
"Team Fruit Salad" Storms Boscombe Down by Pete Crudgington.
Super Stafford Show Report by "Owen Plenty" (w. colour photos).
Jem Cars advert showing Jem, Futura and Mini Bug.
The Alternatives/Specials Register by Geoffrey King.
Mini Based Kit Cars and Specials List.
Secretarial Torque: dodgy ad, tax changes and trading.
1998 AGM Minutes.
Membership tops 400!

Autumn 1998

Covers: MMOC Members in the Alps (IMM trip), Mini Marcos OFB 634L.
The End of Flat Tyres as We Know It by Mike Perkins.
Treasurer's Report 1997-98.
A Typical Street in Suburbia? - brain teaser.
Show Torque: Finlake Mini Fest, Donington Park (CMI), Yeovil Festival.
Motorsport Torque: Trans-XL Mini Marcos resurfaces, RACMSA News, Coys Historic Festival.
Le Mans 6-Hour Historic Race by Michael Hauck.
Members Cars: Mini Marcos Mk. IV (OFB 634L). Allan Brown describes a major restoration.
Motoring in a Marcos by Maarten Krikken: getting a car and getting going in historic rallying (w. colour photos).
Torque about Regalia: new arrangements for embroidery - anything you want!

Winter 1998/9

Covers: Euregio Meeting, Eersel; Marcos MantaRay.
Torque about the RACMSA
Development of a Legend, Part 3: Dizzy, Dennis and Delmar-Morgan; Jeremy's Jem, Malcolm's Mini-Marcos ... and the Quasar.
With Wings Luvvy by Ian Hayward: making a rear spoiler.
A Sprint & Hillclimb Heirloom by Peter Burnham: the story of a special lightweight racing Jem RS-LWR-1119.
Torque About Water: some useful tips from Geoffrey King.
Meeting notes: Castle Combe, 19th September '98.
Show reports: Euregio Meeting, Mini Christmas Show, Mini 39, London Specialist Car Show (Kempton Park), Stanford Hall, Knebworth Park, London Classic Car Show, Mini World Action Day.
MMOC wins Classic Cars award.

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