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Spring 1999

Covers: Mini World Action Day, Castle Combe, September 1998
Kit Car People by Geoffrey King of Winchester.
Kingfisher Round-up by Keith Rose.
Fall and Rise of Trans-XL - the most successful mod-sports Mini Marcos racer of all time by Richard Line (w. colour photos).
Swiss Breakdown: IMM report by Keith Rose.
Centre spread: IMM and Mini in the Park (colour).
Mini Marcos not Small Enough?: models round-up by Maarten Krikken (w. colour photos).
IMM '98 The Bit in the Middle by Richard Porter.
Club Torque - Announcement of AGM at Stoneleigh kit car show.
Cars for sale - includes colour photo of Dave & Tim Evans's Mini Marcos, Q262 TUJ, which was for sale.

Summer 1999

Covers: Maarten Krikken/Rally van de Grensstreek, Ian Hayward's Mini Marcos
Build a Marcos - reprint of Car Mechanics article from May and June, 1977.
Ten Steps to Repair Reinforced Plastic Car Shells by Mike Brown and Geoffrey King.
Colour: Mike Shilvock's Marcos-Vauxhall, Patrick Nicolas's Mini Marcos.
My First Mini Marcos (XBD 483S) by Patrick Nicolas.
25 Years of Kit Car Shows - Peter Filby's review from the Kit Car Show Guide, 1999.
Almost Completely-knocked-down Mini Marcos - crash sequence from Sportscar magazine of July 1966.
Annual Geberal Meeting, 2nd May 1999 - Minutes.
IMM 2000 in Finnish Lapland - preliminary meeting at Castle Combe.
Colour: two photos from the National Kit Car Show, Stoneleigh, May 1999.
Nuffield Place Open Day, 8th August 1999 (belated announcement).
Mini 40 - show preview and programme.
Club Trailer - taking shape.
Keeping the Water Out by Andy Wright.
Membership Matters - we welcome Deep Sanderson, Marcos Estate and Ogle owners amongst others.

Winter 1999

Covers: Elio Cocciarelli's Mini Marcos, Marcos Mantis racer.
A Christmas Log - a message from the Chairman.
Le Mans here we come! by Peter Bolton - trip report.
My Own Mini Marcos Experience by Peter Hanman (with vintage colour photos).
Marcos Rear Engined: Turning an Idea into Reality - Part One by Mike Shilvock (with colour photos).
The Maastricht Treaty Mini Marcos Style by Frans Carati.
Centre: racing photos of Elio Cocciarelli's Mini marcos Mk. III.
Book Review - Mini: the Design icon of a Generation reviewed by Richard Porter.
Virgin on the Unbelievable by Ian Johnson.
F.I.A. Flag Guide.
Show Reports: Harrogate, Avon Park raceway, Moni 40 by Roger Garland.
Show Briefs by Richard Porter: IMM, Mini In The Park, Mini@40, Knebworth Park, Shoreham Air Show, Castle Combe Action Days, Mini Marcos Euregio Meeting, London Sportscar Show and Mini Birthday Party.
Colour photo of Stoneleigh Kit Car Show, 1999.
Club Spares - windscreens, rear windows and headlamp covers.
Marcos Dunlop Challenge - Technical Specification.

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