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Spring 2003

Covers: Kim Willcox's Mini Marcos Mk. IV at Castle Combe.
Jem Restyling Part 3 by Paul Mitchell - includes a method of flush-fitting the windscreen.
Mini Ds & Vs - Taylorspeed Jem by Tony Shaw.
Spare wheel well fuel tank - Ian Hayward answers a member's query.
Annual General Meeting notice.
Peel Viking - photos of a rare Mini derivative from Al Hitchcock.
Alto Duo Q250 GVF (Geoffrey's Fun Vehicle) by Geoffrey, King of Winchester.
Italian Job 2002 - Tales of a Cockroach by Jeremy Evans.
Mini Marcos Insurance Package - advertisement for Adrian Flux Insurance.
23 Year Journey From Bradford to Bulawayo - Bruce Glasby's ex-Le Mans Mini Marcos by Roger Garland.
The Mini Jem Estate - Steve Padfield takes on a challenging restoration project!

Summer 2003

Covers: Mini Marcos and Mini Jem sketches by Chitosi Tamura, club lineup at Stoneleigh 2003.
One Weekend Last Year - collected reports of castle combe and Ilfracombe.
Letters: Niels Koschke contact point for German members.
Mini Specials - Domino Cars by Geoff King.
Annual General Meeting - minutes and financial statement for 2002/2003.
Jem Restyling part 4 by Paul Mitchell.
Italian Job 2002 - Tales of a Cockroach by Jeremy Evans.
Millbrook - Exclusive: Ian Hayward gets involved in Play Station game, Gran Turismo.
Stoneleigh 2003 - report by Ian Hayward.

Autumn 2003

Covers: Bob DeShane's Mini Marcos at Mosport Park; Luxembourg Marcos line-up.
Totally Flipped - How to flip-front your Mini Marcos by Ian Hayward.
Mr. Brown and your Mini Marcos - the Chancellor's Budget increases.
Inside Out - Simon Mellings's Mini Marcos Mk. III.
Body Modifications - An Alternative Point of View by Geoff Dunlop.
Bristol Mini Day - photos by Richard Porter.
Jem Restyling part 5 by Paul Mitchell - with photos of the finished job.
Electromagnetic Fields in Kit Cars by David Cowen - a strange story.
Mini In The Park 2003 - report and pictures of some unusual Minis.
Kit Car Safety by Geoffrey   King of Winchester.
Starter for Ten - Frank Morskate's Mini Marcos Mk.III, AE-57-97, under restoration.
International Mini Meeting - report and pictures by Richard Porter. Includes Monza and Reims-Gueux.

Winter 2003

Covers: In memory of Kasi's Mini Jem, Les Smith's Midtec Bronze.
A Chance To Use the Kit - report on the Mini World Action Day and Longleat Hillclimb in September.
Magnificent Midtec - Les Smith's MG 1300 powered Bronze.
Latest News - wedding photos of spares man Andy Wright and Helen.
Christmas Titter: oil change for men and women (goes on and on and on...).
The Simply Gorgeous Mk. 3 of Andy Seward (letter and photos).
'Ere-we-go, 'Ere-w-go, Eur-reg-io: report on the Marcos Euregio Meeting by Roger Garland.
Food for Thought - some unusual paint jobs.
Historic Terrapin Action - Robert Macknay's Terrapin and 40th Anniversary of Allan Staniforth's "High Speed - Low Cost", the book in which the original plans for the car were published.
Body Modifications - An Overview. Paul Mitchell responds to Geoff Dunlop's comments in Mag. 89.
Can We Help - Yes We can: Tom Collins requests photos of cars exported to North America.

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