Mini Marcos Mk. IV, 51 VFK (GB), Former Owner: Anthony Ray

51 VFK

Anthony Ray writes:

"Please can anyone help, I found your website and was interested to know if my old car still exists. Unfortunately I don't remember details like chassis numbers but the car was built some 32 years ago using a Riley Elf and Austin 1100 as doner vehicles. The 1100 engine was rebuilt using a Stage 2 Oselli head, duplex timing gears and a Weber 28/36 DCD carb. It had a BL Special Tuning straight cut close ratio box with the tallest diff available. It was fitted with cooper disc brakes, Spax adjustable shocks and an Allegro front Radiator with electric fans but that is about all I can remember. Although my mate and I made the mould to cast the one piece bonnet which I gave away along with a load of spares to a local Mini Marcos club in Wiltshire afterwards. Someone phoned a couple of years after selling it on enquiring why I had not obtained a Q registration so I suspect it may have been re-registered." (photo: A. Ray)

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