Mini Marcos Mk. 3, 7000, 270 DGJ (GB), Owner: Billy Dulles (USA)


270 DGJ

Believed to be the first Mk. III Mini Marcos (top), this car was raced and hillclimbed by Billy Dulles in the 1960s and was going to be restored by Andy Seward. However it is now reunited with its original owner and was seen at the Marcos 50th Anniversary celebrations in 2009. So far the car has been repainted in its former colours (above). We cannot be certain that these two are the same car.

See Billy's story about his exploits with the car at Mugello and Nürburgring in 1966, plus his notes on 270 DGJ.

This car was also owned by former Marcos employee Mike Smith of Westbury, when it had registration mark NOT 4F.

(Photo: W. Dulles)

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