Mini Marcos Mk. III, 7036, ZH 505 243 (CH), Owner: Raphael Blatty

with Healey   paddock   Rafa with car

Rafa outside   spectators   track

Polizei   interior   engine

Rafael writes:

“Actually I bought this car to have a complete MM to show me how to put together my totally disassembled MM MK 3 (Nr 7105). As a newcomer I think it is not so easy to start with hundreds of parts in boxes and on shelfs.

“But what I purchased is not only a MM, no, it is a racing machine. As a frequently guest in Arosa (Switzerland) I took the chance to drive this lovely car at the Arosa Classic Car Mountain Race from where the attached pictures come. What a day !!”

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Last updated 11th January, 2015