Mini Marcos Mk. III, 7336, IWR 373 (AUS) Owner: Tony Wheeler

1969 new   1969 Cakor Pass   1969 new

1977   1990 with Sprite   1993 from above

1. 1969, Tony Wheeler’s Mk. III Mini Marcos was registered in the UK as UNX 493G.
2. 1969, a stunning shot at the Cakos Pass, Yugoslavia (now between Montenegro and Kosovo).
3. 1971, on a trip to Greece. At some point the rear hatch was added by the factory.
4. 1977, shipped to Victoria, Australia and registered IWR 373.
5. 1990 sharing garage space with an Austin Healey Sprite Mk.1.
6. 1993, still in Victoria. The car was then sold and went to Japan.
Many thanks to Tony for the car’s interesting history in pictures.

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