Mini Marcos Mk. 3, 7354, UBW 839H (GB), Owner: Mike Shilvock

front   side   rear
"The Beast" - Mini Marcos Mk.III no. 7354 was radically altered in 1997 by former owner Mike Shilvock into a Sports Libre car with a Vauxhall 2-litre engine behind the driver. Only the centre section of the original car remains. The engine and suspension are mounted on tubular steel spaceframes at each end, linked by the roll cage inside the cabin. The car now has an RAC MSA log book number 19327.

The car is seen at the Stoneleigh Kit Car Show in around 1998, and below left at Castle Combe. It was sold at the Stafford kit car show in March 2001 and we haven't seen it since. (Photos: R.Porter)

on track   early shot

The last photo shows the car in its ofiginal configuration. (R. Garland)

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