Mini Marcos Mk. 3, 7402, LUR 98H (GB), Owner: Paul Harcourt

front   rear   engine   show

Kayaks   washing   Before resto   driveway

Kayaks   washing   Before resto   show   Before resto

Top row: This car was being restored by Paul Harcourt in July 2007 with a few finishing touches still to be applied. The Aston fuel filler cap apparently came off a bus!

Middle row: The next two pictures show the car in its former glory, complete with two kayaks, and were kindly supplied by its builder, Ray Rawlinson. The next photo shows the car prior to restoration, having had a slight prang avoiding a milk float in a country lane in the 1970s and not much attention since then. The last photo was obviously taken at a show or Marcos rally but we have no further details.

Bottom Row: The car turned up in a Japanese dealer’s showroom. Thanks to Ray Rawlinson for the tip-off.

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