Mini Marcos Mk. III, 7941, LUP 310J (GB), Owner: Jean-Charles Swistowski (F)

as LUP 310J   front-left   reae-left   engine

interior   roof   top
Top left: 7941 is seen with its UK registration outside the Heritage Motor Centre at the MMOC Annual Rally in 1993.

J-Ch. Swistowski writes (with a few edits):

This car had been bought by Robert MAES who converted it into a racing car and painted it green. He raced in the Maximille trophée series and stopped racing in 1998, so I bought it in the end of 1998 like that, and since then I raced it. I raced on the French Maximille Trophée with a 1071cc until 2003. Then I changed the engine for a 1380cc to race in French Saloon-Car Trophée. Now I would like to sell it with regret due to the size of my garage.

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