Mini Marcos Mk. IV, 8067, AYA 972S (GB), Owners: Cody Tree

MM 8067

XTK 441M

Top: Brothers Martin and James Rose rebuilt this car from a rolling shell. It has a 1310cc engine with a stage 3 head, twin HS4s, a 6-point roll cage, 13" wheels and Metro turbo brakes. (photo: M. Rose)

Above: The same car seen at the National Kit Car Show, Stoneleigh in 2002. It was then registered as XTK 441M. (photo: R. Porter)

The car is now owned by Cody Tree, who when we saw him in 2010, was the Club's youngest member at 13 and couldn't drive it on the road (but he had driven it on the track). More photos here.

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