Mini Marcos Mk. IV, DH 8178, MAJ 124F (GB), Owner: Lucy Delaney (GB)

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Previous owner Steve Rogers wrote in January 2009 (with minor edits): “The car was originally Orange but had damage to nearside rear, fire damage to offside front, burnt loom and with the alterations to the front. The donor vehicle was a 1984 MG Metro with 35,000 miles. All the mechanics were refurbished and used in the project, which took six weeks of hard labour to complete. The seats are from an MGF and most of the other parts have been sourced via ebay and my personal stockpile accumulated over many years.

“I would not have contemplated this project had it not have been for Roger Garland’s encouragement in not only finding this vehicle, but spurring me on to complete it in such a short time. The end result is as seen - a usable Classic with modern day looks and luxeries. I look forward to using it to attend as many Marcos related events as possible. I feel an enormous amount of satisfaction having rescued this vehicle from the hands of a scrap man and with concentrated effort restored this Sporting Mark, not only to its former glory, but to have put my personal touch to it.”

Congratulations on a teriffic job, Steve. I like the driving lamps which I think you said came from a Renault Megane. -RP

The appeared under new ownership at the Mini World Action Day 2009 at Castle Combe.
(Photos: S. Rogers)

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