Mini Marcos Mk. IV, DH 8218, DWB 758V (GB), Owner: Derek Watts

MM 8218
Derek Watts's beautifully restored Mini Marcos Mk. IV is seen at a Stoneleigh Kit Car Show in the early 90s.

We have since (July 2009) been contacted by a previous owner of the car, Mick Briggs, who writes:

“I was amazed to see 8128 DWB758V looking like it does on this site. I owned the car (presumably before the guy that restored it) around 1987-90 (ish) and my brother owned it before me. I have pictures of it with a black vinyl roof. While he was restoring it he presumably had to fix the crack I put in the offside wing, where I overshot a junction and a police car hit me so hard it knocked the car through 90 degrees and ended up on the opposite pavement. Nice to see it looking like that.”

It's amazing how strong Mini Marcos shells are! (photo: R. Porter)

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