Mini Marcos Mk. III, DH 8230, 8214 SZ 87 (F), Owner: François Cristou

FGG 243T   PWF 326G (GB)   Ronde des Chateaux 2005

Rallye de la Porcelaine 2006   Circuit du Vigean 2005   Circuit du Vigean 2005   Le Mans Classic 2008
François Cristou has just acquired this car in England although it has a French registration.
1. The car seen with registration FGG 243T. Date unknown.
2. The car with its UK registration PWF 326G when owned by Steven Askew.
3. Seen on the Ronde des Chateaux in 2005.
4. Rallye de la Porcelaine in 2006
5 & 6. 100 Tours Circuit du Vigean in 2005.
7. Le Mans Classic, 2008 - early arrival.

François says he's passionate about Minis, and has a 1275GT, a 1999 Cooper and an 850 converted to 1300 for circuit racing.

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