Mini Marcos Mk. IV, DH 8340, VKA 142V (GB), Owner: François Emerson (F)

outside   track   Retrosport, Dreux

front   rear
I found some correspondence about this car dating from 1997. Dave Carless had bought the car two years earlier with the intention of restoring it but for various reasons had to sell it. It was originally built in 1980 by Patrick Duff of Liverpool and was laid up in 1993.

In 2008 the car was purchased by the present owner. François writes: “I have a good news of the Mini Marcos no. 8340/VKA142V because I bought it it one year ago with the small 1000cc engine and drum brakes .... and now the new engine is a 1380cc MED, SW5, one Weber 45, 1.5 high lift rockers, stage 3 cylinder head, roll cage , 6x10 Minilite wheels, minisport calipers .....”

The top right photo is at Dreux Rétrosport, 13th September 2009 (Esprit Mini Team)

The bottom photos show the car in 2014.

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