Mini Marcos Mk. IV, 8375, BOA 964A (GB), Owner: Steve Green

rear right   left side   interior

front left   rear left   front left

This car has been owned by a number of club members including Robert Watts, Roger Garland and Steve Green. Steve drove it at hillclimb events alog with brother Richard, and offered it for auction as a road-going race car in 2006. The specification included:

Engine: 1380 cc MED race engine with lightweight steel flywheel 1.5 : 1 roller rockers; Omega pistons; steel mains cap and comp big end and mains fasteners. Kent 296 megadyne cam with vernier type belt drive conversion. Samco hoses. Single 45 dcoe Weber carb on 5" long inlet breathing through fully integrated cold air system. Maniflow big bore LCB manifold and exhaust system. Solid engine mounts with rose jointed steady bars.

Gearbox: Straight cut gear set and drop gears, straight cut 3.9:1 final drive; Tran-x limited slip diff.

Brakes: 8.4" drilled and vented front discs with alloy four pot callipers. Rear minifin alloy drums. Aeroquip stainless braided lines all round. Adjustable brake bias. KAD flyoff handbrake.

Steering and suspension: Quick release Momo steering wheel on modified lowered column. Hi-ratio rack - 2.2 turns lock to lock. Front suspension is fully adjustable for camber and caster. All rose jointed and can be adjusted without removing from the car. Spax gas shocks with Hi-Lo adjusters. Rear lightweight beam axle with Spax coil-overs, adjustable for height camber and toe.

Wheels and Tyres: Superlite 7.5" x 13" & Yokhama A008 tyres.

Bodyshell:  Mini Marcos Mk4 shell with lightweight bonnet, doors and rear hatch. Perspex windows. Wide arches. 80-100w Halogen headlamp conversion behind perspex aero covers. Full roll cage with welded in door bars and extra under dash bar. Carbon fibre battery box. Facet red top fuel pump in sealed box. Lightweight bucket seat and four point full harness. KAD quickshift mounted in Manx Racing internal gearchange conversion mounted in carbon fibre carrier. Carbon/Kevlar dash with  tacho; oil and water gauges; Armtech shift light and speed system including full throttle gear shift and launch control.  Light-weight painted in British Racing Green (Thin! but presentable).

Steve thinks the car may now be in Switzerland.

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