Mini Marcos Mk. III, HHU 34D (ZW), Owner: Bruce Glasby


This car competed in the 1967 Le Mans 24-hour endurance race, and was clocked at over 140mph on the Mulsanne straight. Unfortunately it failed to endure for very long owing to a broken oil pump. Subsequently the car raced in the 9-hour race at Kyalami in South Africa and was sold after the event. It was one of a handful of Mk. III Mini Marcoses to be built with a more streamlined front end and spats over the rear wheels. The other notable example was that raced by the First Ladies' International Racing Team (FLIRT). The Le Mans car has been restored over a long period by its present owner in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. (Photos: above - Phil Brown, right - Tertius van Zyl)

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