Mini Marcos Mk. III, MI 14, HID 314 (IRL), Owner: Tom Curley

front/os   nearside   arse end

front/ns   pig 3

Top: This Marcos Ireland Mk.III was on show on the MMOC stand at the 1997 International Mini Meeting in Bandon, County Cork, when it was owned by Richard Gledhill (and plated DZL 811). (Photos: R. Porter)

Above: Richard Gledhill writes: "The orange one (HID 314) was at the IMM in south Ireland in 1997. The green one is chassis number 7029 which originated in the UK and was imported last year (1998) by Olly Forde. I bought it in the middle of last year and have used it regularly since then. The scruffy one is chassis no MI 1 registration no. HZO 800 and is this winter's project."

The MI shells were made by Marcos Ireland in Dublin and were based on the Mk. III design. For an update on MI1 go here. (photos: R. Gledhill)

There was an article about this car in The Irish Times on 7th July 2004. (Thanks to Neil Kilbane for the info.).

7029 was exported to Belgium in December 2012. We were very sad to learn that this car was totally destroyed in a garage fire on 5th November 2017, along with five other cars.

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