Mini Marcos Mk. III, MI-18, Z0000M (NZ), Owner: Arthur Morten

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Arthur “Boo” Morten has owned this car since 2005 and is seen circa 2007 in the lower pictures. It was formerly owned by Adrian Blackburn when it had registration AHB 646 (top).

Ray Green wrote: "Body M1-18 Just resurfaced in NZ and currently (Nov.'01) in the Dunlop Targa Rally - six days of hell on wheels for the pilot and co-pilot... Rally finishes Sunday in Tauranga. ... (later) Car did indeed finish! Tremendous achievement."

Photographs 1 and 2 were taken by professional photographer Gerald Shacklock of Three Kings, Auckland, to whom we are grateful for permission to use them. Also thanks to Ray Green for sending them. Click on a picture to see a larger image.

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