Marcos Ireland Mini Marcos Mk. III, MI 23, OZO 94 (IRL), Owner: Malgorzata Czaja (PL)

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We were pleased to be contacted by the car’s original owner, Tom Groves, who writes: “I served my time as an apprentice Motor Mechanic in Dublin at Marcos Cars Ireland. I worked there from about 1967 to 1970. We built 20 to 30 Mini Marcoses, and this is my actual car, OZO 94. I was allowed to make use of the mould, so I laid up the body and built the car at nights and Sundays.

“My boss David Dunne allowed me to work off the resin and glass by working every Saturday. I have fond memories of this car, I have to tell you I was pretty cool as a young kid in Dublin in the late sixties driving a Marcos.”

We saw the photos on the web when the car was offered for sale by its owner for the previous 24 years. It had been restored in 2004.

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