Mini Marcos Mk. III, Owner: Gunnar Turebrand (S)

Race car seen for sale in Sweden in 2009. Description:

Best fron wheel drive historic race car that money can bay. FIA-papers. All steel engine 1293cc. Paul Ivy steel crank EN40B. Arrow con rods. Omega 30/25 pistons. Longman GT15 head. Stright cut ratio 3:60 with LSD. Ultra light flywheel, etc.

Car competed successfully in FIA GTC76 in 2004 and 2005. Engine and gearbox rebuilt at end of 2005 and car stored since that because owner changed class to Formula 2.

Car is allowed to use Yokohama 165/70x12" since Dunlop does not exist in 12". Yokohama is a very good tyre and much cheaper than Dunlop. Comes with 8 Magnesium wheels and lots of spares. Price is set at modest 15 000 Euro.

© 2009

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