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Christmas Mini Shows

The club attended two of the three pre-Christmas UK Mini shows this year. The Malvern event was under new management this year. Billed as the "Cool Yule Mini Show" it was held in late November and I for one found it rather difficult to get into the Christmas spirit. However the show was a vast improvement on its predecessor, with greatly increased participation by traders and autojumblers. We were in the same hall as last year but unlike then we found ourselves in the midst of the action with traders and clubs on one side and the halls that would otherwise have been unused on the other side were turned into Mini-only car parks.

The "Mini Christmas Show" took over a new venue this year at the Bath and West Showground near Shepton Mallet. With everyone in one hall there wasn't enough space for all the club cars but it was at least a bit cosier than the draughty halls at Malvern. Most of the clubs had gone to some trouble to decorate their cars and stands and there was a nice friendly atmosphere. However, as with Malvern in recent years the traders were thin on the ground and there were few visitors apart from the exhibitors. As a result the show went very quiet after lunch and wound down at about three o'clock.

The third show was at the National Agricultural Centre at Stoneleigh. This was one too many shows for me, but if anyone else went along please send in a report.

Marcos Euregio Meeting - Concours Results

The official results of the concours d'élégance were:

  • Mini Marcos
    1. Andre de Vos (B) - Mini Marcos Mark III
    2. Erik Wijn (NL) Mini Marcos Mark IV
    3. Melanie Garland (UK) - Mini Marcos Mark V
  • Big Marcos
    1. Nico Baas (NL) - Mantaray
    2. Paul Huberty (L) - Mantara LM400
    3. M. Vreugdenburg (NL) - Mantula
  • Marcos Heritage Shield
      Keith and Ruth Rose - Kingfisher Sprint

The event was generously sponsored by Eurotech and Marcos Heritage Spares. The Marcos Heritage Shield is a new perpetual trophy, and Keith and Ruth Rose were the first winners.


Mark Saxby's "Unofficial Marcos Home Page" now has a new domain name. Mark writes:

"You probably know that I have been running my little site for about 5 years now, so I've decided to spruce it up a little. First step along the way is to get it a PROPER domain name. So from now, the place for Marcos news is

"In the next few weeks, I'll put in a new splash screen, with a link to the Xoom and Freeserve mirrors (if you're in the US, you may find Xoom is the better bet), which will deal with the problem of the slightly ugly framed banner which my cheap domain name service has resulted in...

"I'll also be updating the site with news, information and links in the post Westbury world. Take a look if you've not done so before, or even if you have."

We'll be sticking to the direct URL for the time being to avoid the framing. The Mini marcos site can also be accessed via

MMOC Wins Best Club Award at Newark 2001

The Mini Marcos Owners Club won the shield for the best club stand at the Newark Kit Car Festival last weekend (June 16th-17th). The award was presented to club Chairman Ian Hayward by Miss Newark who was not exactly dressed for the windy conditions but was nevertheless enjoying the proceedings.

Miss Newark returned later for some publicity photos for next year's event using Richard Drinkell's ABS Freestyle. As Richard's car didn't have a passenger's seat she draped herself over his toolbox :-)

The weather forecast no doubt deterred a few members, but we had a handful of cars on both days, and we met several members who had come using other transport. The weather was generally dry after early showers on both days, but Saturday was the warmer with periods of sunshine. The number of manufacturers and traders was disappointing, but the Robot Wars robots provided a bit of entertainment.

Richard Porter

Marcos Heritage buys up Marcos

Marcos Heritage Spares Limited has announced that it acquired the assets of Marcos Sales Limited earlier this month.

The Heritage team now consists of all ex Marcos employees: Managing Director Rory Macmath who has over 25 years experience working with the marque, former Production Manager Joe Cubitt, Dave Wilkinson (stores Manager 87-94) and Kevin Andrews (production 97-01). Marcos co-founder Jem Marsh will provide consultancy. This takeover aims to ensure the continuity of production, service and parts supply for all Marcos cars from 1959 to date.

Based at Semington in Wiltshire, Marcos Heritage intends fully to support the existing dealer network with continued supply of parts and technical backup. All moulds, jigs, tooling etc. are secure and the team is committed to future development and road car production albeit on a smaller scale than before.

Stoneleigh 2001, Sunday

As usual, Stoneleigh is the highlight of the kit car calendar so with the marcos running like a dream and just bought out of it's winter hibernation we set off from sunny Shropshire towards Warwickshire. The route we chose was not the most direct but involved some superb driving roads and the marcos proved itself 100%. We arrived early at the show, just after 9 a.m. where we had to disinfect before entry. The club stand was in the usual place, quite well situated for a stroll around the main part of the show, although it seems that there are club stands much closer in that are empty year after year, and clubs such as the Italian replica club, who had a lot of cars on their stand, were stuck out in the middle of nowhere.

A varied array of machinery was on display on the stand including a few Marcos that I had not seen before, two Kingfishers, an Alto Duo, a Midas and Allan Brown's Buggy, which he bravely drove all the way from the South coast (rather he than I). There was also a Lovely Jem in attendance which when we left was not part of the club display. This car was painted in a Speedwell Blue and had many neat touches devised by it's owner. The home fabricated rear hatch was a work of art including home made hinges and seemed to work very effectively.

Quite a few people dropped by the stand when we were there including a guy who used to race three Mini Marcos in the late sixties, one was a Speedwell engined car. Another guy, who worked for Land Rover, was restoring a Mk.III and was at the show looking for inspiration. He had already fitted a Fiat Uno petrol tank and frenched in some Land Rover American issue rear lights, which looked very nice.

As for the main show, I have to say that mysef and my brother were VERY dissapointed. It seemed to have lost some of it's charm. The trade stands we're pretty poor, there we're no rows of old boys with there boxes of bits (à la Stafford). If you we're in the market for a set of kitchen knifes, a lawn mower, mobile phone covers or a new pair of fake trainers, then this was the place. It seems that they have gone too far in trying to please the whole family and it has ruined the show.

As for the kits themselves, just more manufacturers working on the theme of trying to produce the cheapest 7 kit, or the most expensive Cobra replica. We were pleased to see that somebody was making an attempt to revive the Evante project. A Mk1 and Mk2 were on display as well as a very nicely constructed chassis assembly. At this stage I think it was just an idea, and am afraid that in the current kit car market it will not find many buyers, mores the pity.

Apart from that the only things that caught our eye was the Ginetta G20 and the Gemini. We have both always liked the Gemini and spent a long time talking to the guy running the stand who was equally as frustrated at the situation in the industry. He had on display a customers' cars which gave us many ideas for our next project, whenever that will be.

We left very early, about 1 p.m., vowing that we would return next year, but that things must get better, or it will be our last trip there.

David Evans(Q262 YUJ. MM MkIV)

Richard Porter adds:

Monday was busy and we had some different cars on the stand. No Jems, but an extra Freestyle and a Sabre Sprint which was formerly owned by club member Richard Loewenstein and is now in the hands of Wildgoose Registrar Rachel Harness and her partner.

Allan Brown proved his Freestyle's off-road credentials by driving it onto the top of a large pile of dirt which had conveniently been deposited opposite the club stand.

I was a little disappointed by the show, but that's probably due to the state of the industry. There was little new on display, though I did find a new Mini based car in the far corner of the showground. The Camarotta is inspired by BL's ADO35 MG prototype and has a few similarities to the Berkeley Bandera.

Stoneleigh's brand new exhibition hall is now open, which meant that the bottom half of the old halls was little more than a car park and the top half housed some of the smaller trade and autojumble stands. OK, there was a lot of non-kitcar stuff but the show does have to attract the paying public including wives and kids who might not be interested in the main exhibits. Otherwise the traders would have to pay more or kit-car drivers would have to be charged. As it was, prices were up on last year, which is a bit worrying as the show could easily get into a downward spiral.

International Mini Show, Stoneleigh

The club was represented at the Stoneleigh Mini Show by three Mini Marcoses, one Freestyle, one Alto Duo and a Mini Cooper. The show was as usual well supported by the trade and there was masses of autojumble to browse. It was also well attended by Mini owners and fans. The show was packed around lunch time although it did fade away quite quickly during the afternoon.

Richard Porter

The Factory Closes

The Marcos Factory at Westbury, Wiltshire shut up shop on 6th April 2001. All business has been trnasferred to Eurotech in Venlo. Thanks to Dennis Griffiths for the information.


Calum Lockie - British GT Champion - Race Report

Privilege Insurance British GT Championship - round 1, Silverstone: 1 April

Calum Lockie turned in one of the best drives of his life in the opening round of the 2001 Privilege Insurance British GT Championship at Silverstone on Sunday 1 April. After confusion in the pits before the race, Calum was forced to start from the pit lane after the rest of the field had gone by, yet charged through the field to plant the car firmly in third place before handing over to Cor Euser. "I really enjoyed it. It's going to make very good television," reckoned Calum on the podium.

Even at lunchtime on Friday, Calum's place in the race was still in doubt. Somehow, he managed to pull together a very late deal to get the car into the race and they were able to take part in the Friday afternoon test session in the Marcos Racing International Marcos Mantara. "Even by my standards, that was a very late deal," said Calum, who is working flat out to raise the sponsorship to continue racing.

Calum ran just four laps in qualifying on Saturday, but quickly proved to be right on the pace in the car proudly running number 1 in honour of his 2000 British GT title. During his laps, Cor had a rare spin at the high-speed Bridge corner, but managed to avoid damaging the car.

In the build up to the race there was confusion in the pits over the timing of the pit open window and when Calum arrived at the end of the pit lane, he found it had just closed. Frustratingly, he had to start the race from the back after the rest of the pack had gone through, and without the benefit of two warming-up laps to get the tyres up to temperature.

That unexpected handicap proved to be the trigger for a storming recovery drive that was one of the highlights of the race. Calum stormed into the race and was soon scything his way through the GTO cars. In the first two laps he passed 15 cars, and then charged past another five before his pit stop to hand over to Cor.

The biggest hurdle to overcome was the third-placed Chrysler Viper of Rob Wilson. With bags of straight-line speed, the Viper could have been a real problem but Calum boldly dived inside Wilson as they turned into Bridge corner. As he went by, he was brushed by the Viper, which caused a major moment at the fastest corner on the circuit. "I was determined to get by him!" said Calum after the race.

They then had an excellent pit stop and Cor rejoined in third, with a chance of catching the leading Lister Storm. A major delay for the TVR Cerbera of Bobby Verdon-Roe/Michael Caine during its pit stop handed another position to the Marcos. However, coming up fast was Harvey in the Viper and into the closing stages, Cor found his tyres fading.

Although there was a stage in the race when it seemed that the Marcos might haul in the Lister, Cor had to ease his pace in the closing stages and that allowed Harvey to snatch second with seven laps to run. "That was all or nothing! Along with Daytona this year, that rates as one of my best drives," said Calum, after overtaking all bar two cars in the whole field! "I'm really fired up to defend my title. All I need now is the backing and we can be on the grid at Snetterton in 2 weeks time."

Whether he can now piece together the backing for round two at Snetterton on April 15th remains to be seen.

All the action from the opening round of the Privilege Insurance British GT Championship will hit the television screens this Thursday evening.

As part of Sky Sports' commitment to PowerTour, coverage of the Silverstone race will first be aired at 18:00 this Thursday, 5 April followed by three repeats.

A provisional list of Sky Sports transmission times is as follows:

  • Thursday 5 April, 18:00 Sky Sports 2
  • Thursday 5 April, 23:30 Sky Sports 2
  • Friday 6 April, 14:00 Sky Sports 2
  • Wednesday 11 April, 11:00 Sky Sports Extra


Marcos Cars in Receivership

We are sad to report that Marcos is once again in receivership. After developing a prototype for their smaller, more affordable model, the company ran out of cash before it could be put into production.

This does not affect the race car operation which is now run by Eurotech in the Netherlands, but unless a rescuer is found the Wiltshire operation may close after 42 years. We can only hope that this is another hiccup and not the end of the line.

Carcraft 2001 (Stafford Kit Car Show)

As previously reported we had some difficulty in obtaining an indoor stand at this show, which we have supported since its inception. However after some pressure from our Shows Co-ordinator, Mike Brown, the organisers relented and gave us a spot at the back of the main hall.

We had room for five cars which, along with our new "sails" adorning the roof supports, made a colourful display. The centre of attention (well it was at one end actually, but we won't quibble) was Mike Shilvock's awesome mid-engined Marcos-Vauxhall racer. It's up for sale if anyone's interested!

Saturday was fairly quiet, I'm told, but Sunday was one of the busiest days at this show for several years and we had a constant stream of visitors to the stand. The trade and autojumble stands were in now combined halls at one end, where we used to have the club stand. The hall at the other end of the complex was being used for model nitro racing which was a first this year.

Carcraft 2001 (Stafford Kit Car Show)

After much humming and harring we have now been offered an inside club stand at Carcraft 2001 which is due to be held at Bingley Hall, Staffordshire County Showground on March 10th and 11th.

The show is going ahead as there will be no more livestock shows during the foot and mouth crisis. Don't bring your pet sheep!

Anyone wishing to attend should get in touch with Roger Garland. There is an outside display area for kit cars if you are not exhibiting inside.

Thames Valley Meeting

Owing to lack of support the Thames Valley Marcos Meeting at Heckfield will no longer be supported by the MMOC. I shall try to attend the Thames Valley Mini Club meetings at Twyford on the third Thursday of the month. The venue is the Waggon and Horses which is on the A3032 going out towards Charvil, near the River Loddon bridge. RP

Marcos Owners Club Reshuffles

Colin Feyerabend, the long-standing secretary, editor and organiser of the Marcos Owners Club recently stepped down from the committee. Paul and Kate Crocker (e-mail) have taken over the reigns. Details will be on the club contacts page soon.

Stafford Mini Show (the first of the Year)

by Andrew Fairgrieve.

A pretty naff show really with only two show stoppers and no Mini Marci to be seen. The first show stopper was the Ex-Ringo Starr car with an opening hatch, very nice but nothing to get that excited about if you're not a born in the 60s like me. The second an asolute masterpiece of paint and body work, with corsa lights and the most impressive checker roof finish.

None of the big Mini shops were there and good bargins were thin on the ground, with no massive savings to be seen, and not a lot of good jumble either, mind you I did arrive late so maybe it had already gone. The weather wasn't bad considering the time of year but overall so... If you didn't go you didn't miss anything you won't be able to see in a warmer enviroment later in the year.

Daytona 24-Hours

by 'Tad'

Well, it was a long, wet and cold 24 Hours at Daytona but it was well worth the effort. Both Mantaras performed admirably. Before the race, we had occasion to see the cars being prepped in the garage area. Cor Euser is proud to be the latest owner of MARCOS Maniacs T-Shirts thanks to Mike Denman and his ability to rush me a couple of shirts on very short notice. Cor was very thankful. The pit road was then opened up to spectators as the cars were being gridded. It was quite an experience being able to walk between the 79 cars lined up and just minutes away from the start of the race.

There was some interesting hardware including the new Saleen GTS car, the Mosler GT car, two beautiful GT1 Porsches participating in GTS, several iterations of the prototype cars, and of course the factory GTS C5R Corvettes. While I may be a bit prejudiced, the two MARCOS Mantaras were hands down the most aggressive, mean, purposeful looking cars on the entire grid.

During the first hour of the race, Cor Euser, Calum Lockie et al in the No.24 machine turned everybodys heads by passing both Corvettes and a Porsche GT1 to take the lead in GTS. They remained firmly on the leader board in sixth position overall for quite awhile.

At the 6.5 hour mark, they maintained second in GTS class following closely behind the eventual class and overall race winning No.2 Ron Fellows et al (Not Earnhart!) Corvette. Total Motor Sport's website described the Marcos effort by stating that "The Marcos has been the hero of the race in many ways."

Trouble struck during hour 11, however, when No.24 suffered a broken power steering pump bracket shortly after a pit stop. Subsequent repairs put the car well back in the field. By dawn, with the rain still falling, both Marcos were back out on the track and both were running at the end. Car No.24 finished fourth in class and 24th overall at 94 laps down from the race and GTS class winning No.2 Corvette. The No.25 Mantara was fifth in class and 27th overall at 99 laps down.

While they didn't win, Team MARCOS certainly got everyone's attention and clearly were able to maintain their own against the factory backed class powerhouses. I'm sure this was in no small part due to the wonderfully bright and colorful paint schemes and generous sponsorship, emblazened across the doors of both Mantaras, of our list's own Hayes Harris of Wire Wheel Sports Cars. If you have the opportunity to see them race in the future, take advantage of it. Seeing the MARCOS screaming past at nearly 200 mph is almost a religious experience.

News from Belgium

Maarten Krikken reports:
We no longer have an importer as Jos Vandervoort decided to quit. He sold his demonstrator and has stopped everything officially.

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