National Kit Car Motor Show, Stoneleigh, 1st-2nd May 2011

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Gilbern & Turner   Rochdale Olympic   Club Marcos   MM7030   MM7030   Paul Brown

MM7030   Club stand, Sunday   MM7278   DH8277, MM7030   Midas OC Stand   Midas

WMC Bug   Stimson Safari Six   Scamps   GTMs   GTMs   Travelodge car park

DH8313   DH8313   Sunday   MM7517   Club stand, Monday   Club stand

Marcos Coupé   Rochdales   Fairthorpe   Rochdale GT   Gilbern   Midas stand, Monday

1. Gilbern and Turner
2. Rochdale Olympic
3. Club Marcos stand
4, 5, 7. Peter Bremner's Mk.III Mini Marcos, MM7030.
6. Paul Brown
8. Club stand on Sunday
9. Martyn Trowton’s Mini Marcos Mk.III MM7278
10. Mini Marcoses DH8277 (Richard Porter) and MM7030
11, 12, 30. Midas Owners Club stand
13. WMC Bug uses Mini front subframe and suspension
14. Stimson Safari Six
15. Scamp Owners Club stand
16, 17. GTM Owners Club stand
18. Mini Marcos in the Travelodge car park
19, 20. Simon Robinson’s Mini Marcos Mk.IV, DH8313
21, 23, 24. Club stand on Monday
22. Guy Humphries’s Mini Marcos Mk.III MM7517
25. Marcos Coupé
26. Rochdale Olympics.
27. Fairthorpe
28. Rochdale GT
29. Gilbern

Photos © 2011 Richard Porter

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