National Kit Car Motor Show, Stoneleigh, 5th-6th May 2013

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Mini Van   Not a Mini engine!   Jim Wicks's Mk.IV   DH 8234   Club stand Sun.

Minus   Minus   Paul and Lewis   Club stand   Club stand

Funbuggies   CMI, Mon.   Pantouffle   Pantouffle

1,2: Mini Van, but that ain’t no Mini Motor!
3,4: Jim Wicks’s Mini Marcos Mk.IV, DH 8234.
5,9,10: Club Stand
6,7: Minus on the Midas stand.
8: Paul 'DiResta' Brown and Lewis 'Hamilton' Brown.
11: Freestyles
12: Club Marcos stand on Monday.
13,14: Pantoufle.

Photos © 2013 Richard Porter

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