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CMI Sprint Meeting at Curborough, 8th June 2013

Cars by colour and number:
White (26) - Grant Wilson’s Mini Marcos Mk.III OAD 480M
Maroon (27) - Bruce Maitland’s Mini Marcos Mk.III MM 7232.
White (28) - Chris Clarke driving Grant’s car
Orange (29) - Martin Loram’s 8-port Mini Marcos Mk.IV DH 8325.
Red (30) - Howard Plant’s Mini Marcos Mk.III MM 7506.
Blue (41) - Richard Porter’s Mini Jem Mk.2 RS-M2-1158.
Yellow (80) - Guy Humphries’s Mini Marcos Mk.III MM 7517.

Martin finished 4th overall and 2nd in the class for cars up to 3 litres! If we can get six entries or more for next year we can have a class for Mini Marcos/Jem/Kingfisher.
Bruce practiced but wasn't allowed to take part in timed runs due to having a hole in the roof. Should have left the plywood on mate!
Grant's car went off because of what was believed to be a rear suspension failure coming into turn 1. Chris, who was driving at the time was uninjured but quite shaken. If anyone has any video of the incident please let us know.
The others posted respectable times, faster than some of the Coupés.

Photos: © 2013 Richard Porter except no. 13 by Roger Garland.
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