Douglas Mitchison's Mini Marcos

Douglas Mitchison writes from China:

"Here are a couple of me racing my Mini Marcos at some time in the distant past, probably at 750MC meetings. I bought it as a road going heap and spent a small fortune converting it into a racing heap. Mainly I used a Swiftune 1380 motor with straight cut drop gears, Salisbury diff - the whole works - it went like a rocket but wasn't particularly reliable. Also raced a 1275 'S' and finally a Mowatt/Swift 1480 engine. 13inch wheels all round and MGB discs on the front. I built the wheel arch extensions and moulded a one-piece front end from the original - a great time saver for engine changes. Full Aley cage, purpose built petrol tank in the spare wheel well, home-made rear roll-bar to reduce understeer. The thing ate money but provided endless hours of aggravation. I must have had the car for around 10 years.

"I raced against Steve Roberts in the Trans XL a few times. I remember racing aginst him at Castle Combe on the weekend of the Queen's 25th Jubilee - a long way from my home in Essex. I usually stuck to Lyddon, Brands and Snetterton."

Thanks Douglas. This looks like it could be Lydden Hill, but it's a long time since I've been there.

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