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Time: 2001/12/26 06:40:18 Name: Kieran Donahue (Hanford, CA)
Comments: Your website is cool, but I wish there was more info for a newbie. What exactly is a Mini-Marcos, is it a kit off a different car's chasis? I like the looks of the cars and was wondering how a person in the states finds one. I had recieved a brochure to build some sort of kit about 9 years ago. Where do I start reading to find exactly what I would need. I am more of the building type.

Well I thought it was all there, but maybe I do need to start from first principles! Actually if you open the link on "The Cars" on the home page you should get a pretty good idea. Then go to "D.A.R.T." and work your way throught the different marques. They're no longer being made, so you'd have to find yourself an uncompleted kit or a restoration project. RP

Time: 2001/12/25 21:46:05 Name: Adrian Taylor (France)
Comments: Interesting! Having put together a RWD Mini and other such projets the idea of starting one ..mmmmmmmmm Ta for the site.

Ta for your comments Adrian. Surfing on Christmas Day? You're as sad as me!! RP

Time: 2001/11/28 12:21:54 Name: Duncan Watson (West Midlands)
Comments: Nice site. How do I ring for advice? I dont think my car's on the site, NEG 30E, 7041, Mk.3. Thinking of selling - how do I advertise?
Many thanks Duncan.

OK Duncan, if you send me a piccy of your car I'll be happy to put it on the members' cars page. Send your advert to the magazine editor asap as the deadline for the Giz-gaz edition is 1st December. Looks like you found the ad request form on this site. Btw, it would be nice to have an e-mail address.

Time: 2001/11/28 02:13:23 Name: David Hathaway (Pittsfield, Massachusetts USA)
Comments: Active in vintage motorsports mainly racing XKEs with Donovan Motorsports. Have been offered a Mini Marcos with racing history to restore. Doing our research about them.

Hi David, thanks for dropping in. Get the car, join the club and buy the tee-shirt! RP

Time: 2001/11/04 03:10:39 Name: Andy Vanko (DeKalb IL, USA)
Comments: I just found your web site through a Mini Bug article in either Mini World or Mini Magazine. I was a member a long time ago - I must rejoin! I have been a Mini owner since 1971, and bought my Mini Jem in the late '70s or early '80s. I'm also president of Minis In Northern Illinois (M.I.N.I.) which is based in the Chicago area. I could go on and on but I'll wait until I join and send in pictures of my car.

Hi Andy, nice to find a Jem owner in the USA. We'd love to have some piccies for the web site. RP

Time: 2001/10/27 15:58:42 Name: Alan Flick (South Africa)
Comments: I own chassis no. 24, one of Brian's S/A manufacture.

Time: 2001/10/11 23:21:19 Name: Keith Preston (Plymouth)
Web site: Maverick Minis South West
Comments: Hi. I run Maverick Minis down here in Plymouth and going to a lot of Mini shows. I've seen a lot of Marcos's excellent cute little car. I'm going to sell one of my race Minis and get one. I'm after something special... EXCELENT WEBSITE I WILL BE VISITING AGAIN AND AGAIN... Keith.

Thanks for your comments Keith. Come and see us at West Point for the kit car show.

Time: 2001/09/29 13:54:18 Name: Bob Fairbanks (Portville, NY, USA)
Comments: Just purchased mark 4 chassis #8102 in rough shape. Need windshield. Appreciate help locating or at least identifying what sources I can use to find a window. Will join club when I can figure out how to send membership funds.

The club can supply windscreens. We'll send you the details. RP

Time: 2001/09/27 22:38:29 Name: Ray Smith (Luton)
Comments: Great!

Time: 2001/09/18 19:02:13 Name: John Sutherland
Comments: Gr 8 site just been in 2 minis the last year my fiancée got me n 2 them soooooppppppeeerrrrbbbb

Two Minis in one year! Wow, you really spoil yourself! RP

Time: 2001/08/26 09:36:13 Name: Rikard (The Netherlands)
Comments: One week to go to have one myself :O)

Sorry I was a bit slow putting this one up. Hope you're enjoying your car now! RP

Time: 2001/08/02 17:11:41 Name: Curtis Johnson (Fort Worth, Texas)
Comments: I am really interested in more information on Malcolm Newell's Quasar Motorcycle. Can you direct me to how I can contact him or find more information on his creation. Any help would be appreciated.
Curtis Johnson, Creator of the SSS Rodeo.

You'll need to hold a séance to contact Malcolm as sadly he died a few years ago. I don't have any more information on the Quasar, but I wonder where BMW got the idea for its C5 from :-) We'd love to know what the SSS Rodeo is! RP

Time: 2001/07/21 01:13:14 Name: Paul Mitchell
Comments: g'day again. I'm still out there and my Jem is still going strong - will send membership renewal soon!! I have a report on what I have been doing over the last few years, including my around Australia trip!- will send that too for the mag. The site gets better and better - keep it up mate

Thanks for the encouragement Paul. We'll look forward to reading about your trip. Around Oz in a Jem must be quite something! RP

Time: 2001/07/01 09:14:48 Name: Del & Linda John (North Lincs.)
Comments: Haven't got time to finish our cars as we're too busy surfing your web site. One day!!!!!!!!!!!!

I haven't got time to finish my cars as I'm too busy editing the web site. Oh well... RP

Time: 2001/06/28 10:50:33 Name: Michael May (Bognor Regis)
Comments: I've just signed in and am going to have a nose now but it looks pretty good.

Time: 2001/05/27 18:37:09 Name: John Statton (Worcester)
Comments: Brilliant website, well done and thanks. I want a Marcos, Midas or similar. Have had an A7 special on road for last 34 years, great fun! "Ordinary" cars are so dull, find me an interesting one if you can.
Cheers, John.

Join the club! We usually have a few cars for sale in the mag.

Time: 2001/05/17 16:02:37 Name: Stefan Graham (Clacton)
Comments: Smart site. Hope to see you at Stoneleigh, not with my car as the restoration has been put on hold to renovate my house.

'Fraid you've missed Stoneleigh, but I should be at Newark and Braintree. RP

Time: 2001/05/11 11:38:07 Name: Chris Sutherland (Glasgow)
Comments: help! I own 2 Mini Marcos. Save me!

Sorry Chris, there's no known cure. You just have to get in and drive them. Actually I've come to the conclusion that you need three kitcars: one to drive around in, one as a standy and one to work on. RP

Time: 2001/04/22 16:30:27 Name: Frank Morskate (Netherlands)
Comments: Hallo, Richard, Roger and all the others of the MMOC. Just saying Hi from The Netherlands.

The weather was very fine today for the first time this year so my Marcos MK3 and I had a very good day. See you on one of the (the Belgian/Dutch) events this year.

Hi Frank. I hope to be at the Marcos Euregio Meeting which will be in Belgium this year. I'll have the details on the web site just as soon as I get them. RP

Time: 2001/04/10 07:57:40 Name: Tod Holcomb

Time: 2001/03/25 02:20:39 Name: Harm Klopman
Comments: An exilent site i have seen it a speral times

Time: 2001/03/18 04:45:51 Name: Scott
Web Site: Minis'n'Metal
Comments: Cool site!! I have been a Mini Fanatic for many years and have got a site for Mini Owners like Myself, Come and check us out! (WHATEVER KINDA MINI YOU'VE GOT) Leave us a message on the message board and maybe post a few pictures? See ya there (HOPEFULLY)

Time: 2001/03/18 01:09:46 Name: Mini Mayhem
Web Site: Mini Mayhem
Comments: Just thought I'd let you know that not only do I absolutely love Minis but I also love Mini based kits and the Mini Marcos is definately sweet. See you at the shows!

Time: 2001/03/05 02:09:31 Name: Ian Lloyd
Web Site: Miniquip

Time: 2001/02/11 06:53:04 Name: Erica Andrews

Time: 2001/02/07 11:56:57 Name: Julian Thompson
Comments: Having been a memeber of the MMOC for approximately 5 years. I can't say enough about how brilliant a club it is. I purchased a 1970 MiniJem 5 years ago that was unregisted and every step of the way I have asked for help in various forms. weather it be for rare spares such as a windscreen or simple technical advise I have never had anything but the best advise or help and if the origional person couldn't help then someone else was suggested and a contact no or email given. Thankyou to you all especially ric p and Roger G.

P.S. and yes its still not properly finished and on the road ;^) One day One day.............

Time: 2001/01/10 12:23:51 Name: Tom Curley
Comments: Great site, must become a member, currently running a Irish built mini marcos for the last few years, however seats need replacing ( Cobra's are nackered..) any suggestions for a 6ft fella ????? Cheers Tc

Corbeau GTB Recliners are good for road use with normal seat belts. Clubmans are OK with harnesses - cheap but not very robust. RP

Time: 2001 01 02 04:17:16 Name: Brad Moss
Comments: Had a MM Mk3 for about 6 years now, and I've been very slack sorting it out (never been on the road since I've had it) It was in a poor state,but most of the work is now done to a high standard. I'm working on it again,and as a lapsed member of the owners club, I will be subscribing again soon. Nice site,quick to load,but some (most) of the links on your linkspage are dead... Keep Marcosing :) Brad

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