Swiss 1   UK 1977

Swiss 2   Hindhead

Unipower GT

Left upper and lower: Believed to be the only left hand drive model produced, this Swiss-owned Unipower GT was spotted at the International Mini Meeting at Morges in May, 1998. (photos: R. Porter)

Right upper: Two Unipowers photographed by Malcolm Asquith in 1977.

Right lower: Ferg Ranson writes: “I was perusing your MiniMarcos site and came across the 'Alternatives' list. As an ex-GTM owner and current Libra builder I had to check out the Unipower entry. I knew I had a good shot of one and have spent about an hour finding it in case you would like to use it. I took it at Hindhead in 1985-86 and it's the nicest Unipower GT I've ever seen and as a bonus there's another in the background!”

Thanks Ferg - well worth the time spent! I just wonder if those cars are still in the country as so many got exported to Japan. Now (2009) I've received this from Andrew Lee:

“I thought I'd just drop you an email to let you know who built and owned the rather nice red and silver Unipower. It was actually my father, Mr. Simon A. Lee of Salisbury! Some people may know of him as the Mini-man from his days at Janspeed during the 80s and 90s. He is actually in the photograph too, if you look closely! He's the chap to the centre of the photo, wearing the green sweater facing forwards.

“I can remember the car as a child, particularly the gear stick mounted in the drivers side sill and the fact that the car was so low. Unfortunately he was forced to sell the car (to Japan I believe), to pay for less interesting things like a house and my education!”

See also Unipower GT at the Nürburgring in 1970
and Unipower GT at Le Mans Classic 2008.

Two photos of a racing Unipower in Japan

front view  |  engine bay

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