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Cars of the Month 2016

This page lists the photos featured on the home page during 2016. (Slideshow)

Donald Ginn January: Donald Ginn, Mini Marcos Mk. IV at the Mini Action Day, Castle Combe, 26th September 2015. (Jack Flash Photography)
6108 February: Paul Brandt’s Mk.I Mini Marcos, no. 6108 was recently seen for auction in Wuppertal, Germany.
8247 March: Not quite ready for the road, but Austin Smart’s Mk.IV Mini Marcos DH8247 will certainly turn heads!
7144 April: Richard Stow’s Mk.III Mini Marcos no. 7144 which is up for sale after 14 years.
Q467 WFT May: Mick Joyce’s Kingfisher Sprint which looks nice outside but is due for some restoration.
Coccia Racing Mk.III June: Coccia Racing Mini marcos Mk.III in the MINI Clubs Office stand at the 2016 International Mini Meeting at Lommel, Belgium on 14th May 2016 (R. Porter)
8323 July: Jouke Boersen’s Mini marcos Mk.IV at the 2016 International Mini Meeting at Lommel, Belgium on 15th May 2016 (R. Porter)
8028 August: Mini Marcos Mk. IV 8028 was one of two competing in the Le Mans Classic in 2016. (R. Porter)
JDM September: first appearance of the Mini Jem. Jeremy Delmar-Morgan came second in class in the 500km race at the Nürburgring in September 1966. Two other works cars did not finish.
Mini Jem Mk.2 October: a smart Mini Jem Mk.2 seen on a web site in Japan. Note sliding windows and external door handle.
Mini Marcos 7086 November: Xavier Rius’s Mk.III Mini Marcos, 7086 in Spain.
Mini Marcos KZI 387 December: John Hackett’s Mk. III Mini Marcos, 7445 in Ireland

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