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Cars of the Month 2017

This page lists the photos featured on the home page during 2017. (Slideshow)

Philippe Gandini January: Philippe Gandini, Mini Jem Mk.2, LWR-1026 in the Trophée Maxi 1000 race on the Bugatti Circuit at Le Mans, 25th September 2016.
Stoneleigh February: Mini Marcos Mk.IV, WCA 842W, seen at the Stoneleigh Kit Car Show. We liked the restyled back end but failed to note the owner’s name.
Mk.V Japan March: I spotted this on facebook and then lost the post so I don't know the owner. It it's you please get in touch. I suspect this car is the same as the one linked to the thumbnail. Wembaster.
Mk.III 7451 April: Fraser Guy's restored Mini Marcos Mk.III no. 7451 in Edinburgh.
May: Cracking shot of Allan Scott piloting his Mk.3 Mini Jem no. MR-MS-1019 on the Harewood Hillclimb course.
MI 18 June: Arthur Morten’s Marcos Ireland Mini Marcos Mk.III in New Zealand.
Mk.III 7170 July: Heinrich Lux’s Mini Marcos Mk. III no 7170 in A.R.T. livery.
Mk.IV 8188 August: Torsten Brand’s Mini Marcos Mk. IV, DH8188.
Mk.III 7360 September: Joost Van Diën’s Mini Marcos Mk. III no. 7360 catches the evening sun at Bevern (B) during the 2017 Euregio Meeting. (Photo: R. Porter)
RT-M2-1191 October: John Campbell’s Mini Jem Mk.2, RT-M2-1191 at the Mini Action Day at Castle Combe Circuit on 30th September 2017. (Photo: R. Porter)
Mk.IV 8020 November: Koen Huybrechts’s Mini Marcos Mk. IV, MM 8020 being restored in the Netherlands in 2009. At this point the exterior was almost finished.
Mk.III 7185 November: Mike Raeburn’s Mini Marcos Mk.III no. 7185 photographed by Tim Goddard when he owned it.

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