Kingfisher Sprint

Steve Bland writes: “The black and silver car that you have pictured was built to show at the Earls Court Motor Show in 1982. Brian Davidson, Jonathan Crane and I travelled from the Kingfisher factory in Rothbury Northumberland to help assemble the car somewhere near Cambridge. It was the first and possibly only car to be professionally trimmed by the Cambridge based firm. The car had the larger 1340cc A-series engine built by Jim Deacon and was shown on 13" Wolf Race wheels with Pirelli P7 tyres.

“The car created quite a bit of interest at Earls Court and I remember Roger King being delighted when some guy cancelled his order of a Porsche 911 to order a Kingfisher... Sadly, I don't think the guy ever received his car.”

Steve Balnd worked for Kingfisher Motors from before the factory opened until the day it closed.

The original monochrome photo was kindly supplied by John Gamble.

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