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Mk. I
Mk. III to 7399
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Mk. III Ireland
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Mk. IV unidentified
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Please see the thumbnail indexes for pictured cars, or see our Slideshows. The full index is now in the Member's Area.

Thumbnail Indexes

Please see the thumbnail indexes for pictured cars. Follow the link on the thumbnail to view the car. Beneath the thumbnail you will find:

  • the body number if known, followed by country of residence if different from registration. "-" means that we do not know the original body number (the car may have an LVLO or donor chassis number).
  • the registration number and the country to which it applies.

Details shown in red mean the car has been featured as Car of the Month.

Please note that the owners shown are the last known, but are not necessarily either the current owners or current members of the Mini Marcos Owners Club. We would like to picture as many different cars as possible and you are welcome to submit new photos or missing details whether you are a club member or not.

no picture available This placeholder means we belive the car exists and probably know who the owner is. A photo of the car regardless of its condition will be most welcome. It is probable that some of the missing cars are shown as unidentified or with different registration numbers.

Original kit body numbers are given where known. We do not show donor or LVLO-allocated chassis numbers.

Photographers and web sites are acknowledged if possible. However we have a number of photos from unknown sources, or which have become detached from the accompanying details. We are happy to add credits, links and details on request.

Mini Marcos Mark Numbers

There is some confusion about the Mini Marcos Mk.II and Mk.III. It appears that there were two sets of moulds used for the 7000 series. There are small differences around the door jambs and bonnet channel - maybe others. An opening rear hatch was offered on later cars. Marcos didn't advertise mark numbers until the Mk.IV, and as we don't have any accurate information about which cars are which we have classified all the 7000 series cars as Mk.III.

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