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Classic Links

A40 Farina Club
Auto Classic
Auto Heritage - archive films and books.
K Baggs Trimming
Beeches Recovery - classic car transport
Automobilia For Sale
British Car Forum (USA)
Brooklands Museum
Car & Classic - classified ads.
Car Relation (NL)
Classic & Sportscar - magazine.
Classic Car Auctions Online
Classic Car Directory
Classic Car Hire North
Classic Car List - directory/portal.
Classic Car Mag
Classic Car Net
Classic Car Resource, The - directory.
Classic Car Restoration Courses
Classic Car World
Classic Cars - free ads
Classic Cars 101 (USA)
Classic Cars and More (Canada)
Classic Cars Directory
Classic Cars For Sale
Classic Days

Classic Driver
Classic Motor Monthly
Classic Motor Sales
Classic Motors for Sale
Classic Parts For Sale
Dick's Classic Cars (USA)
Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs
Green Spark Plug Co., The - vintage plug specialist.
Heritage Motor Centre
International Classic Car Informer
Jonniejumble - Autojumble and events.
KTUD Automotive Web
Longstone Classic Tyres
Moto-Lita Classic steering wheels.
Motor Marques (AUS)
Nostalgia Cars - classic replicas.
Pedigree Automobiles - parts wanted/FS.
Practical Classics and Classic Cars
Rapid Recovery - classic car transporter.
Scions of Lucas British cars (USA)
The Route 66 Auction (USA)
UK Classic Cars
Wallingford Vehicle Rally & Parade
Woodvale Rally
Woolies (trim)
Yeoman’s Yearbook - Southern counties events.

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