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Spring 2010

Covers: Marcos 50th anniversary graffito, Mini Marcos area at Prescott.
Editorial - Ian Hayward stands down as Editor - Roger Garland helps out - willing volunteers needed.
A special weekend to celebrate Jem Marsh's 80th birthday.
Classic Motor Show - Roger Garland reports on the 2009 NEC bash and Marcos stand.
A problem with the Garage Door (joke, I think); Mini Marcos in The Saint.
Notice of AGM at Stoneleigh kit car show.
Something for the mag??? from Paul Mitchell and Syd Crayford in Australia.
Back in the 60s They Starred on TV!! - Mini Jem RS M2 1077 in The Protectors.
Cross Member Replacement - replacing the steel inserts on a Mk.IV by Craig Smith.
See Through Tyres - a new concept by Michelin.
Putting an MGB tank in a Mini Marcos - letter from Frans Carate.
The Turner Sports Car - with a mystery Mini Marcos behind.
American Marcos Rescued for Racing - letter from Charles Nevinson.
Members Cars - Mini Marcos DH 8325 owned by Martin Loram.
A new twist on traffic signs.
MMOC Annual Rally - some thoughts collected by Allan Brown.
Like hens’ teeth - new bonnet badges in stock, and Mini Jem 27mm inserts; Books.
Cars for sale - including Simon Norris's track day Mini Marcos Mk.III 7518.

Summer 2010

Covers: “Concept Venom” Mini Marcos, rear of Kjell Wiklund’s Mini Marcos (7316).
Editorial - magazine now edited by Roger Garland and Craig Smith.
A Special Weekend to Celebrate Jem Marsh’s 80th Birthday.
A Letter from Düsseldorf - Udo Gessell’s Mini Marcos Mk.III.
A Letter from Bristol - Russel Filby solves the Turner mystery (see above).
Brooklands Museum’s Buy a Yard of Banking Scheme.
Battery Selection and Care by John Dickens.
One Club Many Nations - including where are Dutch Mini Marcoses 35-97-UT and DE-83-03?, DH8298 now in Switzerland and Bruce Glasby with the 1967 Le Mans car.
Chairman Chat - Allan Brown introduces himself as the club’s new Chairman.
Mini Marcos concept car - drawings by Romain Gauvin.
Like hens’ teeth - as issue 115.
AGM Notes, Treasurer’s Report and Accounts by Roger Garland.
Tyred Out - warning about using pressure washers on tyres.
Pressure testing Cooling Systems by Geoffrey   King of Winchester.
Need a Windscreen? - possible heated front screen for Mini Marcos Mk.II on.

Autumn 2010

Covers: Mini Marcos at Le Mans Classic, Mini Marcos Mk.I 6002 in Japan and Mini Marcos Mk.V 9045 in Portugal.
From a French Enthusiast, Jerome Lombart, with picture of Ewen Sergison's car (7055) at Brighton.
Top Marque Mr. Marsh
Q & A: Mini Marcos Window Winder.
Stoneleigh Kit Car Show 2010
Mini Springs by John Dickens - cones, hydrolastic and coil spring replacements.
Cars at the Palace - Crystal Palace show report by Richard Porter.
Win a Kingfisher - Free to Enter (see Minijem Plus).
New Badges for Old Cars - panel badges, wheel centres and bonnet badges.
One Club - Many nations: news from around the world including Mini Marcos HPR 179F and Mini Jem 1020.
Prize crossword
A message from the DVLA - new style V5C.
Club Regalia Update - new Mini marcos cloth badges and terrorist woes.
BMC A-Series Transverse Engines (up to 1999) - capacities and engine numbers.
Chairman chat - Allan Brown
News About Castle Combe - Mini World Action Day.
A Lovely Scottish Mini Jem (1099).
50 Years of Marcos Cars - courtesy of Marcos Heritage Spares Limited.
Cars for Sale, including Mini Marcos 8020 and Mini Jem Mk.3 OFA 576.

Winter 2010

Joint edition with the Midas Owners Club
Covers: Lee Pashley's Marcos Heritage Mk.VI and John Crowson’s Midas Gold; Mini Marcos and Midas stands face each other at Castle Combe.
From ‘Yellow Bug’ to ‘Bluebird’ by David and Ann Barlow (including Mini Marcos Mk.III THG 632L).
Black n Gold Challenge by Ray Hiscocks - Midas Gold rebuild (Q646 AFG).
French - Dutch Exchange Program by Frank Morskate (Mini Marcos Mk.III 7329).
Mike’s Midas Memories of 2010 by Mike Perkins (we assume).
Polyurethane Bushes by Michael Horsley - Pros and Cons of Powerflex bushes.
Midas nad Marcos Mods and Maintenance.
Facts and myths about lubricating electrical connectors - advertorial by Contralube.
Travels with our Midas Cortez by Josie and Michael.
The London-Brighton Mini Run (L2B) 2011 by Richard Porter.
1965 Mini Marcos? from David Pounder - Laurent Aumonnier’s Mk.III on the Circuit des Ramparts, Angoulème.
Joint magazine - members’ comments invited.
Cars for Sale - including Mini Jem Mk.3, DGD 700K.

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