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Spring 2006

Covers: Oops! Rae Davis's Mini Marcos (not he driving) lands upside down in the kitty litter at Mallory Park; Mini Beach Car in California.
Update on restoration of Mk. 3 YFG 5G.
Blast from the Past - a design brief for the successor to the Mini Marcos.
This Time Tomorrow Part 2 - Roland Stoffel concludes his detailed review of the 1966 Le Mans video.
Photo: Jeremy Delmar-Morgan's Mini Jem in the 1966 Nürburgring 500km race.
What a Cracker - Part 1: The Story of a Respray by Ian Hayward.
Ad for Jem and Lyn Marsh's B&B.
A Bit of Racing History - from the editor's archives: Johnson and Waters (KLP 7D) and the FLIRT team (HHU 34D).
Warning: Supermarket Parking Scam - a tall story from Ase Ries.
Notice of AGM at Stoneleigh Kit Car Show.
Successful Start for New Rally Formula - information about the low cost RallyStar series.
Ad for 1966 Mini Marcos 6117 in Germany from Thomas Hesele.
Photo: Jem and Lyn Marsh at Goodwood with Rae Davis's Mini Marcos (the right way up).

Summer 2006

Covers: Philippe-Pierre Dumont's Mini Marcos in Belgium, underside of Nik Clark's Mk.III shell (BAP 4K).
Letters: Erik and Lies Wijn part company with their Mini Marcos.
What a Cracker (Part 2). The Story of a Respray by Ian Hayward (with photos).
Himley Hall Mini Day - report and photos by "Alf Rescoe".
One Wet Day in May - Cheshire Kit Car Show.
Annual Genberal Meeting notes and financial statement.
Special offers for car club members.
Stoneleigh 2006 - Show Report.
Fabrication in GRP - feature article by John Dickens with photos of his modified Mk.III racer, now the basis for the Marcos Heritage Mk. VI GT.

Autumn 2006

Covers: Mini Marcos 7521 owned by Jean-Marc Schoonbroodt; club discount from Hythe Performance Parts.
American Marcos: Robert M. Fairbanks's historic hillclimber, 6099
The Story of Motorsport (part 1)
New Owners: Hans Efdé with 91-FE-47 (8063) built by Erik Wijn.
Bigg Red Brakes: calliper refurbishers in Worcester.
Car Box (or the Biggest Rabbit Hutch in the World) by Ian Hayward.
Mini Marcos History - Roland Stoffel picks up some points mentioned by Billy Dulles:
- Marnat at Le Mans in a Triumph
- 1966 Monza 1,000km
- Mini Marcos at Montlhéry
- Claude Ballot-Léna, Jean-Claude Hrubon and Jean-Louis Marnat.
His and Hers Mini Marcos: DKF 453X (7399) and RCG 839T (9054) by Sue and Andy Roberts.
A Tribute: Dizzy Addicott 1922-2005 by Richard Porter.
Mini Marcos Mk. 3 Convertible SHR 843S (8220) for sale.
News from Down Under: The Trials and Tribulations of the Perfect Handling Mini Marcos by Geoff Dunlop (7057).
Snippets: news of MI9 on its way from Japan to Australia, PBC 359 sold from Sweden to Silea, Italy and LNA 935V at home in Essex.

Winter 2006

Covers: Mini Jem and Mini Marcos at Castle Combe; Allan and Carinna Brown's wedding photo (with Mini Marcos).
Story of Motor Sport Part II.
Eurefio Meeting 2006 at Nürburgring - report by Frans Carate.
A little bit of history - Morris 1300 Plastic Bodied Prototype at Gaydon.
That Time of Year Again - Castle Combe 2006 by Marc O'Smini.
Swap Shop - Romain Bowley's Mini Marcos Mk. IV which he would like to trade for an earlier car.
Nutter with the Cutter - a somewhat savaged Mini Marcos SPJ 539X.
Haynes Books - Competition Car Suspension (4th Edition) by Allan Staniforth and
- The Worst Cars Ever Sold by Giles Chapman.
IMM 2010 - Le Mans - France: The French get their bid in early.
New member Gert-Jan Westerveld with Mini Marcos 91-FE-47 in the Netherlands.
Speedo Calibration - some answers (but not how you do it).
Mini Marcos Mk. 3 Build (So Far) - HHW 171G by Oliver Lewis.
A Member Remembers - Colin Bell remembers Mini Marcos TBD 809G and jems BMH 2H, CSY 115C and FOS 975.
Marcos Mk. VI in Japan - Mini Craft Co is appointed agent for Marcos Heritage.

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