Mini Jem Mk. 1, 005, KGH 858D (GB), Owner: William Penrose

Sandown Park

track   engine

paddock   paddock


Ivor Miller poses (bottom) with his recently restored 1966 Mini Jem at the Goodwood Revival Meeting, 31st August to 2nd September 2007. The car was previously owned by Richard Kennison. (Photos 2-5: Graham Chandler)

Unfortunately the car spun off at Snetterton, was then hit by a Jaguar doing the same, and was badly damaged. Rae Davis has restored the car and raced it at the Goodwood Revival Meeting in Spetember 2010.

The top photo shows the car at Sandown Park in 1999 when it was owned by Richard Scotney. (R. Porter)

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