Mini Jem Mk. 2, RS-M2-1091, UKD 101H (GB), Owner: Jeremy Harrison

rear   front   engine

rear hatch   underneath   engine number

rear floor pan

The car is currently for sale, having been restored from “barn find” condition. Brief details as follows;
First registered on 8.12.1969 as a Jem, bought on 27.11.2009
Shell fully restored and painted in BMC Iris Blue. Club front windscreen and new Lexan polycarbonate windows to the doors and rear hatch.
MED 1380cc Clubman engine, straight-cut gearbox, ultra-light flywheel, competition clutch, bespoke stainless steel exhaust and an MED electronic dizzy, Weber 45DCOE.
Dry subframes with Hi-Los, Konis all round, Cooper S, 7.5” front discs and 1.5°ree; negative camber bottom arms.
4.5 in. reverse rim, Cooper S wheels with new Yoko A008s.
You can contact Jeremy on the forum.

(Photos: J. Harrison, June 2017)

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