Mini Jem Mk. 3, RS LWR 1119, DZ-066-SH, Owner: Stéphane Zucali (F)


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Former owner Jean-Pierre Cochet-Terrasson writes: "As you can see on the photo [left], the car has a one piece removable bonnet wich was originally fitted by the factory. Wheels are 10" but with XL slicks, and the rear subframe is replaced by a Speedex type light beam with two long 'control arms'. These seem to be problematic for the homologation, as I do want to keep the car its original race presentation.

"This LWR (lightweight racing) Jem was bought in 1970 by Peter Burham and was never registered as it was always used as a racer in hillclimb and sprint events. It has a well prepared 1293cc engine wich should give at least 100 true BHP,

"I would have loved to join the Trophée Maxi Mille (from 850 to 1150cc) fitting a 998 or 1071 engine, but this specific orgasanisation doesn't want to accept my car with the one piece bonnet, and the rear beam. I realy think it is an injustice, as this car is in its original standing. Paradoxically, one of the competitors waited years and years to obtain the homologation of a Sprinzel hard top, fitted on his 1147cc Spitfire."

Patrick Nicolas bought this car in February 2005 to restore it to compete in French classic hillclimbs. (Photo courtesy of J-P Cochet-Terrasson)

The other three photos show the car at Epoq Auto in Lyon, Rhône on 8th November 2009. Posted on by “ahndee” (here).

Although the body number belongs to a Fellpoint Mk.2 lightweight racing Jem, the bonnet shows it to be in fact a Mk.3 Jem. See also the photo in Complete Kitcar December 2017. The front wheel arch extensions were introduced on the Mk.3 Jem but could be retro-fitted to earlier cars.

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