Mini Jem Mk. 2, RS M2 1148, 3931 GZ 90 (F), Owner: Fréderic Cuny

Front   Front right   Engine

Rear right   Left side   Interior
Formerly owned by Aurelien Bini. Fréderic became the proud new owner in 2020.

The car spec is:
1275 A+ engine std bore 12HD21, 12g940 head 35/29 stage 3, compression ratio 11:1, Kent 276 cam
single SU HIF44 carb with stubstack and ITG filter
3.44 final drive with economy drop gears (equivalent to 3.19 f.d.)
Cooper S brakes 7.5" discs, alloy rear drums, in-line pressure regulator
Yokohama A032R tyres. (photos: A. Bini)

More pictures of the restoration can be found on Mini Racing.

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Last updated 22nd June, 2020