Taylorspeed Mini Jem Mk. 1, YGF 00Q (AUS), Owner: Syd Crawford


This Taylorspeed Jem was seen for sale on a Melbourne web site. The blurb read: “These very rare little cars are much sought after in the UK and are eligible for SB Sports historic events here in Australia. Cooper S running gear and 450kgs, make these cars very quick. This vehicle has had a series of owners but has never been registered, road driven or raced.  IT IS A NEW CAR. An unusual but terrific little car that would be a great weekend, targa, hill climb or historic racer.”

We were very pleased to be contacted by the new owner in Canberra who is now using it for classic racing. You can see more photos in Sport Scene and on the forum.

This car is also pictured on the Wikipedia page for Mini Marcos.

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Last updated 3rd November, 2014