Mini Marcos Mk. I, 6102, Owner: Jeroen Booij (NL)

Phase 1 - Before Le Mans - owned by J-C Hrubon

outside   front   front - low   front - high   engine

This is the car in which Claude Ballot-Léna and Jean-Louis Marnat completed the Le Mans 24-hour endurance race in 1966.

Photos by Guy le Page taken at Jean-Claude Hrubon and Claude Plisson’s workshop at Levallois in 1966.

Phase 2 - Car owned by Michel Tasset in Paris

Michel Tasset   Paris   Paris

“TASSET Michel, déjà présent comme commissaire aux Courses de Côte de Fontaine la Guyon,
se signalait par ses voitures de Sport dont deux Spitfire et sa fameuse Marcos. Depuis l‘acquisition
de sa non moins célèbre Jidé, il participe à de nombreuses manifestations.” (CAMRC)

Tasset owned the car in 1975 when it was stolen, and remained undiscovered for 41 years.
Tasset had changed the familiar French racing blue livery to maroon.

Phase 3 - Discovery and Restoration - Owned by Jeroen Booij

front lh   rh side   front


The shell was tracked down to Portugal in 2016. The running gear had long gone but the shell
was largely intact and the long range fuel tank was still with it. The lower left photo shows traces of the
Le Mans paintwork. Jeroen plans to restore the car to Le Mans race condition. (Photos: J. Booij)

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